Appraisals will be sent as attachments to email, in Acrobat pdf file format.

Please enter your Owner Number and password as shown on your Notice of Appraised Value, along with the desired County (must be a P&A client). If you have personal property holdings in more than one county, please note that passwords are unique to each county and owner number in our system.

Owner Number: 
This website page allows access to business personal property owners. Agents should reference the page called "Agents" for access to their personal property appraisals. Operators looking for appraisals of their mineral working interests should reference the page called “Agents / Operators Access” under the Mineral Property Appraisal Access tab on the home screen, and use a unique password we assign to RRC Operator Numbers. THIS IS NOT THE OWNER NUMBER PASSWORD PRINTED ON THE NOTICE OF APPRAISED VALUE. Please contact us if you’ve not previously requested your Operator Number password from us.
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